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2016 Dairyland Dolls Charter Team Roster

Dairyland Dolls 2016 B Team Roster

The Mad Rollin' Dolls Official Travel Team

Up early every day, milking the cows, feeding the chickens, and skating on the track they laid down in the old, red barn out back, these Midwest farmer's daughters know when to work, and how to play.

The Dairyland Dolls bring beauty and brawn and a whole lotta hits against the best flat-track derby teams in the nation.

Don't gimme no pop, no pop.

Don't gimme no tea, no tea.

Just gimme that milk, moo moo moo moo

Wisconsin milk, moo moo moo moo!

The Dolls live to turn left. All that travel is expensive; support the Dolls at home by screaming your lungs out at the bouts, and support them when they travel by hanging out at our awesome fundraisers.